Demand analysis and
production planning
of packing items

Purchase and Control

Purchase, approval and management
of suppliers of all items
of packaging


Storage, inspection of
quality and conference
of items.


Consolidation of items and
available in system
just in time at the time of use


La Rondine's packaging management focuses on reducing overall costs and reducing complexity of the purchasing process.

  • La Rondine takes over the management of your inventory and you do not worry about anything.
  • Packaging at the same cost and without complication
  • Decrease of internal inventories to zero
  • Package with scheduled deliveries and only at the time of use
  • Elimination of Fixed Capital with packaging items
  • Pay only for what you actually consume
  • High level of service and assured quality
  • Guarantee of a security stock maintained at the nearest La Rondine unit

How it works

La Rondine assumes management of packaging items (VMI) by planning, purchasing, storing, and making packaging items available at Just-in-time. Everything you need in packaging and accessories Reducing your cost, time and the complexity of the purchasing process

A complete solution partner that guarantees reduced time and complexity of the purchasing process!


An innovative system of management and supply of packaging with differentiated service and with many gains for your company!

  • Reduces inventory, handling and transportation costs
  • Security Stock and Demand Management (VMI)
  • Reducing administrative costs
  • Just-in-Time schedules
  • Greater flexibility and speed
  • Production optimization
  • Inventory control